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Biography: After 8 amateur fights, Mario Lechowski turned pro at the age of 16 and was, at the time, the youngest professional boxer in Canada. He won the Diamond Belt as the best boxer in Western Canada in 1996.In 2001, 21 year-old Mario beat Tony Pep to become the Canadian Professional Boxing Federation (CPBF) Canadian Lightweight cChampion. The CPBF also named him winner of the Brian O'Connor Award for best Canadian fighter of 2001. Throughout Mario's 10 year (15-5) professional career, he has fought and trained with some of the best boxers in the world including, Tony Pep, Billy Irwin, Floyd Mayweather, Arturo Gatti, Steve Johnson, Steve Forbes and Justin Juko. For the past five years, Mario has also trained private clients in the sport of boxing in one-on-one, duo and class settings. Mario trains his clients in all aspects of the sweet science, including punching techniques, increasing strength and power on the heavy, speed and double-end bags, as well as developing a client's boxing style through shadow boxing and improving hand-eye co-ordination using hand pads. Mario coaches more advanced clients in the techniques and strategies of sparring in one-on-one and class settings. He does all this with a view to improving the fitness and self-confidence of his clients. His workouts are tough, but fun.


Legendary veteran coach Carlos Varela brings a stable of capable fighters to the Bay Street Brawl II represented in blue. At 67, Carlos brings tremendous experience to the event as both a champion pro flyweight boxer and respected coach.

Born and raised in Nicaraguan capital of Managua, Carlos began boxing at the age of 8. He began an amateur career at age 12 with an unstoppable record of 33 wins and 0 losses by the time of the 1955 Pan-American Games. With a 16-year old age minimum cut-off, the Nicaraguan authorities made "creative modifications" to the 15-year old Carlos's birth certificate allowing him to compete! At the games, Carlos was awarded the bronze metal competing against a 28-year old fighter.

Carlos turned professional in 1956, and until 1968 fought throughout Nicaragua, Venezuela, Philippines, Japan and Mexico. In 1959, he gained the title of South American Flyweight Champion. Best known for a devastating jab, Carlos has uncanny speed & accuracy and is particularly fond of landing blows to opponents' chins. Carlos has a track record of 92 professional fights 71 wins - 17 losses - 4 draws.

Carlos moved to Toronto in 1987 and turned his attention to coaching both armature and professional boxers at his home club - The Cabbage Town Boxing Club. He has coached notable fighters Matt Kennedy and Stephan Boyd and is particularly proud of his work with the club's junior program.

Carlos guided 3 fighters to victory in the first Bay Street Brawl event, and has promised coach Mario "a big surprise" tonight as his fighter will dominate. No Compassion!